Will the Silk Press™ system change natural texture for good?

No. Silk Press™ is not a relaxer or chemical straightener. It simply allows for easier, longer-lasting heat styling. Hair will revert to its natural state once it becomes wet. Simply wet, shampoo & condition to return to original texture. Because it is chemical-free, it can be used at the same time with color treatments.

What is in the Silk Press™ system that makes the hair stay straight?

The penetrating natural oils, moisturizers and conditioners, significantly soften hair & loosen tight textures. When used with a heat styling appliance, hair will stay soft and straight in between shampoos.

How long will my hair remain straight once I use the Silk Press™ system?

Using Silk Press™, hair will stay straight approximately 2 weeks, or until it gets wet. This allows for more style versatility, as you completely control when you want flip between your natural texture and straightening. Depending on daily care (i.e. wrapping in a silk scarf, pin curling, etc.), weather conditions or lifestyle habits (i.e., working out), some textures may need to refresh their style before the next shampoo. Using just a little of Argan Smooth™ Silkening & Smoothing Drops on hair, along with a low-heat flat iron can safely refresh the style for a smoother look, without risking damage or breakage.

How is the Silk Press™ system different from other “reversible” straighteners?

Like other brands, loosening hair’s texture and effective heat-styling are key to helping hair get and stay straight. Some other brands use amino acids to help temporarily break down hair’s texture before heat styling.
The Silk Press ™system is more like the professional Silk Press process.

This involves significantly softening hair by naturally loosening coarse texture with deep conditioners & locking in moisture, during each step of the process, then sealing cuticles. Silk Press™ does this with frizz-resistant penetrating oils, moisturizers & conditioners, and finishing step that has a heat protectant & cuticle sealer. Other kits encourage use of heat up to 400 degrees, but do not include a specific thermal protectant during heat styling (which can leave cuticles open and cause breakage). Silk Press Crème (Step 4) is formulated to be a heat protectant, while sealing and smoothing cuticles.

Does my hair have to be natural in order to use any of the Argan Smooth™ products?

Not at all! Hair that is relaxed, natural, or in transition can benefit from the natural oils, moisturizers and conditioners in Argan Smooth™ therapies. While the Silk Press™ system is designed to straighten and smooth natural hair, it can also help to extend the life of a touch up by softening and smoothing new growth, making it blend easier with previously relaxed hair. When using on relaxed hair, use an even smaller amount of Silk Press Crème.

On the Silk Press™ system, what is meant by “Enough for 4 Shampoos?”

The contents of the Silk Press™ system should last long enough for you to shampoo your hair 4 different times. Think of it as 4 applications. However, depending on how much of the contents you use each time you shampoo, as well as the length of your hair, you may wind up with a little more or a little less product. Be careful not to overuse the Silk Press Crème and the Leave-In Softening Sealant. If used as directed the contents should last through 4 separate times you shampoo your hair.

Why are there so many ingredients with long names on the labels?

While many products marketed for natural hair claim to have “all-natural,” “organic” or “good-for-you” ingredients, many make false claims and have labels that are not FDA (Food & Drug Administration) or EU (European Union) compliant. These compliance issues are updated frequently, requiring manufacturers to list ingredients, in a particular way, on the label. If a label is fully compliant, it will likely be lengthy. We are committed to label compliance, therefore we list everything required for both U.S. and European standards. These compliance standards are in place for your safety, informing you of things like potential allergens and other helpful information. This level of compliance makes our ingredient legend a bit long, but we respect your health and the safety of our products.

Why are there some ingredients that contain ALCOHOL in Argan Smooth’s products?

There are 2 different classes of alcohols used in hair products. Some are drying alcohols, which are bad for the hair (making it dry, brittle and crunchy feeling) the others are safe alcohols that are used for enhancing hair’s health, stabilizing fragrances or thickening formulas. Argan Smooth™ uses alcohols that are in the safer class, primarily used for stabilizing the fragrance. They have no known negative or adverse affect on hair.