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About Argan Smooth

The Argan Smooth™ brand was launched in September, 2014. The products were formulated with 100% pure Argan Oil from Morocco, primarily to provide remedies for women with all hair types and textures to help maintain and style their hair with high quality, affordable products. Particularly helping women who seek to smooth and straighten their hair without permanent chemical treatments, the Argan Smooth™ Silk Press System is the flagship item among a family of unique maintenance and styling therapies.

Where To Buy

Argan Smooth products are sold in neighborhood beauty supply stores, nationwide. The Silk Press System is sold online at Curlmart.com, and beginning January 2016, in select Walgreen’s stores.

About House of Cheatham

Founded in 1924, House of Cheatham, located in Stone Mountain, GA, is one of the oldest continuing manufacturers of personal and beauty care products in America. From Polly Peachtree products sold during the early 20th century to contemporary brands like Argan Smooth™, Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils™, and Organics by Africa’s Best™, and more, House of Cheatham brands have become house-hold names in the United States and abroad. Our therapies address and satisfy basic skin and hair care needs for people of all ethnicities, with a special emphasis on women of color throughout the world. Our retail partners trust our business ethics, dependability, and the strength of our brands, while consumers rely on high quality products with value-added benefits and affordable prices with every purchase.

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